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I love teaching and have taught professionally since the age of 16. I have significant experience of conservatoire teaching at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levelI have given masterclasses, lectures, webinars for students of the Royal College of Music, Royal Academy of Music, Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Trinity Laban Conservatoire, Tokyo College of Music and Tokyo University of Arts. I am regularly invited to give masterclasses to gifted students in specialist music schools and junior departments of conservatoires in Russia, Japan, China, Spain, Italy and the Czech Republic as well as in the UK.
I am regularly invited to participate as a jury member in several music competitions in the UK, Russia and Italy. 
My students have won prizes in many prestigious competitions such as the Sendai International Piano Competition (audience prize), the Nordic Piano Competition in Malmö (first prize) and the Almaty International Piano Competition (second prize). 
I am passionate about raising young talent and I am Artistic Director of the Tchaikovsky London Music School. 
Yulia is an exceptional pianist and teacher.
She works hard at every detail and her ideas are always very creative and professional.
She is a very empathetic person and always gets on with her students exceptionally well.
Professor Dmitri Alexeev, Chair of Advanced Piano, Professor at the Royal College Music in London
I hold Madame Chaplina in the highest regard as a concert pianist and professional teacher.
Paul Badura-Skoda
I observed Yulia and was impressed with both the way she conducted the class and also with the advice she gave to students on their performances.
Ian Jones, Deputy Head of Keyboard, Professor at the Royal College of Music in London
Yulia is an excellent pianist and teacher.
Some of my students have benefited from her coaching - s
he gives a lot of very good and
very detailed advice during the lessons.She is also supportive of students - she extends her advice well outside the classroom.
Tatiana Sarkissova, Professor at the Royal Academy of Music in London
Yulia is a musician of intelligence and passion. She is much experienced in teaching, both in the UK and internationally, including giving masterclasses in Japan.
Yuya Tsuda, Associate Professor at the Tokyo University of the Arts
Yulia is a pianist of exceptional talent. Next to an excellent piano technique, Yulia has a very fine sense of phrasing, musical nuance and most importantly a distinct artistic individuality. She has also made a name for herself as a wonderful teacher and pedagogue. 
Benjamin Moser, Professor at the Music Conservatoire in Lucerne
Yulia Chaplina is a wonderful musician and pianist with an inspiring artistic personality. Her pedagogical qualities and friendliness make her an ideal colleague.
Lucas Blondeel, Professor at the University of Arts in Berlin
Yulia Chaplina is a wonderful pianist of high individuality. Her playing makes use of very nuanced possibilities of phrasing, articulation and sound, which is supported by a technique of the highest level. She is a fantastic and devoted teacher and pedagogue who already has a big experience.
Björn Lehman, Professor at the University of Arts in Berlin

I felt extremely privileged to invite Ms Chaplina to hold a masterclass for students attending my class. Lessons with Ms Chaplina became an invaluable experience for every student, as the approach taken by Ms Chaplina, characterised by thorough focus on unequivocal phrase-building supported by awareness of musical style, ranging from Baroque to post-WWII soviet piano repertoire, set a benchmark in perfection for every attendee. 

It is with utmost sincerity and esteem that I value my professional relationship with Ms Chaplina, one of the most accomplished artists of Russian background, who has taken an important step further to develop her own voice as a mentor for the younger generation.

Yoshio Hamano, University Lecturer at the Tokyo University of the Arts and Tokyo College of Music 
Yulia is able to give young professional students some impressively efficacious tools, which immediately bring
their performance to a higher level. Her empathy, her solid knowledge and her consistent competence make me today consider Yulia as one of the best professional teachers of our generation, and this is why I encourage my own students to take part in her masterclasses or even to profit from her private teaching. While teaching, Chaplina has the ability to preserve a first rank quality level of performance, which makes me believe she will soon appear as one of the leading figures of both the teaching and artistic international scenery.
Lorenzo Pone, Piano Professor at Accademia Villa Medici-Giulini in Rome
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