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Dear Friends,

I hope you are all well, although I think it is a very hard time for everyone at the moment. So I decided to start a regular newsletter with some nice and short music videos to stay positive in this difficult time. We all know that music is very therapeutic and provides a great boost for our mental health.  So I hope my music will cheer you up! 


I plan to record some short online videos of light and positive (jazz and classical) music and hopefully the pieces can make you feel better. I had a large number of concerts cancelled and it feels very strange not to have a regular schedule of upcoming events so this activity is great for my wellbeing too. 


In case you might want to listen to me playing other piano repertoire, you can find a lot of professional audio and video recordings here on my website as separate pages.

The recordings of course can not compete with the Berliner Philharmonie "Digital Concert hall" experience as don't have fancy expensive equipment at home (which I might get, if this initiative is really of interest to people), however I have a beautiful piano at home and I really hope that you enjoy listening to my music. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Stay safe and let the music brighten up your days!




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